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Pop covers from Amy Macdonald to Zucchero served as eye-catchers!

The innovative duo from Graubünden impresses with an original idea: the two musicians play twice - both live and as a virtual rhythm group, providing the musical foundation on a large screen in the background.

It is a matter of honor that the musical quality and the demand for a professional performance are in the foreground. Speaking of honour: Prisca Schmid (vocals, accordion, ukulele, drums) and Pit Noi (vocals, guitar, bass) recorded and filmed all the video playbacks themselves - so "genuine handmade music" is guaranteed in any case!

BANDSQUARE can be used in many ways: whether as a cabaret formation at room volume or as a party band with concert hall amplitudes, depending on the wishes of the event organizer.



You can find more information and audio samples at:

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